Mzanzi ownership is restructured in 2012 and the company now has eight shareholders with equal share. All Mzanzi shareholders have direct involvement in the daily management of the business, each bringing a specific skill-set to the team. The Managing and Operations directors are also shareholders. The company also employs an administrative and a training & compliance officer.

We subscribe to a "flat management structure" which puts the focus on personal accountability and open lines of communication. This, together with the fact most operational staff has equity in the business sets the platform for a teamwork culture in our organisation.

The current board members are:
Leslie Maaroganye
Albert Mukhithi
Vern Kenned
David Charles
Siyoyo Mehlomakulu
- Shareholder / non-executive director
- Shareholder / non-executive director
- Operations Director
- Shareholder / non-executive director
- Chief Executive Officer

From Left to Right: Leslie Maaroganye, Albert Mukhithi, Vern Kenned, David Charles, Siyoyo Mehlomakulu