After years working as employed drivers in the transport industry, many truck drivers got the opportunity to become independent businessmen under the owner-driver business-model from the late 1990’s. This model provided many empowerment opportunities for previously disadvantaged individuals, but going from being an employee to being self-employed does not necessarily mean that growth is assured. A lack of basic business skills and huge capital investments needed are some of the disadvantages that owner-drivers have in a competitive market - dominated by big corporations.

In an attempt to address these challenges, 17 such independent Bulk Vehicle Operators (BVO’s) combined resources and established a single entity in the form of Mzanzi Africa Logistics - in July 2004. The BVO’s were all specializing in secondary fuels distribution to commercial and retail sites and Mzanzi is building on their excellent track records in the industry.

The amalgamation was a natural progression to create a conduit for growth and sustainability for the small businesses while developing their capacity and extending their market reach.


Our ownership restructuring in January 2012 resulted in the formation of a wholly-owned subsidiary in the form of M.A. Logistics. The subsidiary enjoys the benefits of an established support network while being less encumbered by corporate governance detail – leaving management to focus solely on running an efficient operation.

M.A. Logistics is launched with a fresh focus and the new entity draws on the expertise of the holding company that has 100% equity in the business.


  • 1. Mzanzi registers as a Pty. Ltd.
  • 2. Implements new Corporate identity
  • 3. Secure finance for 15 new MAN trucks
  • 4. Secure first multi-million Rand distribution service contract
  • 5. Move into offices at foreshore, Cape Town overlooking the harbour
  • 6. Accepts delivery of brand new fleet
  • 7. Ownership restructuring
  • 8. Formation of wholly-owned subsidiary