Message from our CEO re. Launch of B-BBEE Charter for the transport industry :
November 2008
The recent launch of the B-BBEE Charter for the transport industry is a welcome catalyst on our road to transformation and I am proud to be witness to this defining moment.

We are enormously proud of our company’s heritage which saw 17 independent “owner-drivers” combining their limited resources, sourcing a formidable management team, and becoming shareholders in their own, successful business. Our history shows how a shared vision and the commitment to mutually beneficial outcomes can drive economic empowerment.

We look forward to the successful implementation of this Charter and trust that all stakeholders, especially large corporate consumers, will fulfil their part in contributing to meaningful empowerment in the road-freight industry. Our government has navigated a clear path for significant black empowerment and it is now up to us, the industry players, to lead by example and doing justice to the ethos of the charter.

It is unfortunate that the same core group of players in the industry still dominate the large contracts, despite sterling performances by serious black transport companies in the past few years. However, this charter hails in a new era for our industry where an improved balance in opportunity and development awaits us.

At Mzanzi Africa Logistics, we are proud of our achievements and remain committed to our empowerment vision as we hold many aspirations and dreams of our people that still remain marginalised and excluded from the “mainstream economy”. I also look forward to forming new partnerships with clients and peers alike.

Siyoyo Mehlomakulu - CEO