The logistics and transport industry offers potentially great rewards with high risk in a very competitive environment. With our sights set firm on achieving year-on-year growth, we place a high value on efficiency and extracting the maximum value from our operational assets.
Furthermore, our supervisors are equal shareholders in the business, which makes an invaluable contribution to operational efficiency and exceeding customer expectations.

Key Management FOCUS

Safety, health, environmental protection,
Outstanding customer service levels
Personal and economic empowerment of our staff and shareholders
Operational efficiencies
Effective procurement practices


Our company has its roots firmly in the tanker transport segment with specific experience in primary and secondary fuels and gas distribution. Gas and chemical transportation also make up a significant share of our revenue and we aim to establish and expand our share in this market.

Our infrastructure, technology assets and expertise, positions us well to take advantage of other opportunities in the freight and logistics industry. We focus specifically on developing our market-footprint in flat-deck work. It is our aim to grow this segment to comprise 30% of our operations by end-2014.


Mzanzi has a longstanding relationship with some of South Africa’s largest vehicle and tanker manufacturers. Traditionally, we operate a combination of Daimler-Chrysler and MAN vehicles. We operate 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, which calls for an effective scheduling and tracking system. Since Mzanzi drivers have a vested interest in the business, it guarantees optimum productivity and minimal abuse of vehicles and other assets.

It is our aim to expand our fleet to 36 vehicles by end-2014. Our solid financial and credit standing, together with excellent trade relations, makes it effortless to increase our service capacity to satisfy greater market demand.